Grant Regional | aspire to live well | Fall 2018

We’re here for you Inside A journal devoted to helping you live well. Fall 2018 2 Volunteer: We’d love to hear from you! 4 Is hip surgery the right choice for you? HE A RT HE A LT H This June was especially meaningful as Scott Crapp of Lancaster celebrated the recent high school graduation of his oldest son. Just a year ago, he experienced a scare of a lifetime that he won’t soon forget. What a differ- ence a year can make! As an active farmer, Scott doesn’t slow down for much of anything. There is always something to be done and most illnesses are short-lived and then it’s back to work. But last year on June 5, Scott awoke around 1 a.m. extremely uncomfortable. He tried to sleep in a chair but was experiencing a heaviness in his chest. With pressure applied to his chest and side, the pain would lessen some, but by 2 a.m. he knew he had to wake up his wife, Shonda, and get help. Serious Normally, Scott might hesitate to go to the emergency room (ER). After all, he had felt fine all day up until that point. Shonda knew that when he didn’t argue, it must have been serious. After drop- ping him off at Grant Regional Health Center (GRHC) and parking the car, Shonda hurried in and found Scott was in a large trauma room, which she knew wasn’t a good sign. Their son, Jarin, has epileptic seizures, and the family has had to be- come routinely familiar with GRHC’s ER. In good hands Scott’s EKG indicated some- thing was wrong, but what for sure was still uncertain. Could be a heart attack; could be some- thing else. When the blood work returned, they were quickly informed Scott was going to be med-flighted to Madison. (Scott was one of the first pa- tients last summer to experience a med- flight takeoff from the alternate location on Roosevelt Street near Elite Fitness, due to GRHC’s expansion project.) By 3 a.m., Shonda and their three children were on the way to —Continued on page 3 THANKFUL: Hardworking farmer Scott Crapp returned to work three months after lifesaving treatment for myocarditis at GRHC.