Grant Regional | aspire to live well | Winter 2019

Inside 3 Lasting relief for prostate trouble 7 Swing-Bed: Transitional care in the hospital —Continued on page 4 By Casey Goodrich, with love from her family— Justin, Gavin and Greta Forever grateful A journal devoted to helping you live well. Winter 2019 On Jan. 10, 2018, we heard the amaz- ing words, “It’s a girl!” We were beyond thrilled, as we had a 3-year-old son at home. This little miracle would com- plete our perfect family! As our ultrasound technician fin- ished up a few measurements of our daughter, a look of concern came over her face. “You have a placenta previa,” she said. I had never heard what that was, so when I asked, she told me that my placenta was covering my cervix, and she explained that I would not be able to have a natural birth. I had planned to have a C-section with our second birth, as our first child was born by C-section at Grant Regional in 2014. We had transferred our family’s care back to High Point and Grant Regional when we found out we were pregnant in September of 2017. After our ultrasound, we had an ap- pointment with our doctor, Eric Stader, MD. We were thrilled to tell him that we were having a girl. I then told him that they had found a placenta previa in our ultrasound. He, too, explained that I would have a C-section, which again was no big news—that was already part of our birthing plan. Dr. Stader also explained that I would have to have a few more routine ultrasounds to see how the previa was moving throughout my pregnancy.