Grant Regional | aspire to live well | Winter 2020

work for you A new year, a fresh start. The first of January may find you ready to make some changes for your health. But if you are afraid that New Year’s resolutions are only for dreamers, take a fresh approach. Try these tips to help make this year’s resolutions stick for good. Sources: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; American Cancer Society; American Psychological Association; Mental Health America IF YOU GET OFF COURSE: GET FOCUSED. PLAN AND THEN ACT. It’s better to make one or two changes at a time. Don’t try to overhaul your whole lifestyle at once. Come up with simple, clear steps to take. So you’ve decided to make a change. Next, think about how you’ll meet your goal and get prepared. GO—AND KEEP GOING. Here’s your final step. Put your plans into action on New Year’s Day, or sooner if you feel like it. Don’t give up. Just remember why you decided to make the change, and start again. N EW Y E A R ’ S R E SO LU T I ON S Make them Eat one more serving of fruit each day. Or maybe you can go meatless one day per week. You might: Pick out a few tasty reci- pes that use whole grains, vegetables or beans. Make a shopping list of any ingredi- ents you need. Quit smoking —and don’t give up. Are you afraid you might break down and smoke a cigarette? Or even buy a pack? It’s OK. Decide right now that you will get back on track if that happens. You might: Get over-the-counter stop-smoking aids, such as patches or gum. Or ask your health care provider about prescriptions that can help. Plan to throw out your ashtrays and cigarettes on your quit day. Move more. If it’s been a while since you were physi- cally active, start slowly. Try exercising 15 minutes a day, three days a week. Then gradually do more. Getting active just feels good. Re- mind yourself that this goal will also help reduce stress. You might: Find a fitness buddy. Ask a friend or family member to commit to exercising with you. Resolve right now to make an appoint- ment with a primary care provider. If you don’t have one, call 608-723-2131 . 3 WINTER 2020